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Soils Committee

Soil committee members determine which land use classifications and modifiers (if any) the county will use. They recommend to the County Commissioners, the values for each land use classification and percentage of modification, if any modifiers are used.  If you have any questions or concerns about soil values contact the committee member for your district.

McIntosh County Soils Committee Members

  • Gary G. Hoffman (701) 374-7851
  • Terry/Polly Ulrich (701) 288-3862
  • Daryl Rott (701) 540-8706 & (701) 698-2359


  • District one……..Friedensthal, Frieda, Strassburg and Farmers/Zeeland townships
  • District two……..Salem, Rosenfield, Blumenthal and Berlin townships
  • District three……Youngstown, Moscow, Albrights Valley and Johnstown townships
  • District four……..Green Lake, Lowenthal, Danzig and Lydia townships
  • District five………Hoskins, Kisselbery, Lowell and Myrtle townships
  • District six………..Hoffnunsthal, Roloff, Rosenthal and Antelope townships
  • District seven…..Iowa, Beresina, Jewell and Coldwater townships