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Soils Committee

The McIntosh County Board of Commissioners are looking to form a Soils Committee. This is a compensated position. The committee will be comprised of seven members, each representing a district of four townships. The committee member need not live in the district they wish to represent but they must have Ag land in said district. The districts are broken down as follows:


District one……..Friedensthal, Frieda, Strassburg and Farmers/Zeeland townships

  • District two……..Salem, Rosenfield, Blumenthal and Berlin townships
  • District three……Youngstown, Moscow, Albrights Valley and Johnstown townships
  • District four……..Green Lake, Lowenthal, Danzig and Lydia townships
  • District five………Hoskins, Kisselbery, Lowell and Myrtle townships
  • District six………..Hoffnunsthal, Roloff, Rosenthal and Antelope townships
  • District seven…..Iowa, Beresina, Jewell and Coldwater townships

Deadline for applications is December 6th, 2021.

For more information, please call Patricia Smith - McIntosh County Tax Director: 701-288-5153 or you can email her at: