Road Department-Official Website of McIntosh County, ND

Highway Department

               McIntosh County Road Supervisor
    Chris Opsahl
     Phone: 701-288-5187
         Cell: 701-709-0832
         Fax: 701-288-3671
    9344 48th Ave SE, Ashley ND 58413       


County citizens greatly benefit from the work of the Highway Supervisor, who is responsible for the counties’ roads and bridges. They run the county shop and all its activities and equipment, and work with engineering and construction firms on planning and providing for the transportation needs of the county.                  NDACO

The McIntosh County Commissioners have set the following schedule for deadlines and regulations that will be enforced in McIntosh County.  If not followed, a fee will be charged and assessed to your property taxes.
  • Weed Cutting along shoulder right-of-way to be completed by October 1st.
  • Removal of bales along road right-of-way to e completed by November 1st.
  • Placing electric fence on road right-of-ways will be allowed as follows:
    1. The fence must be at least 10 feet down from the top slope of the road surface.
    2. The fence must be removed by December 1st.
  • No permanent fencing will be allowed on county right-of-ways unless approved by the McIntosh County Board of Commissioners.
  • McIntosh County is not liable for any fences damaged due to snow removal.
The purpose of these deadline and regulatons is to ensure the safety and well being of the residents of McIntosh County.  These deadlines and regulation will be enforced.