Disaster Emergency Service-Official Website of McIntosh County, ND

Disaster Emergency Service

Neil Meidinger
Disaster Emergency Manager

Phone: 701-423-5648
Fax: 701-288-3671 


Emergency Management is a comprehensive effort coordinating a wide range of public safety and awareness programs to ensure that a high level of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery will be maintained for all known hazards.

Continuous assessment, planning, training and exercising is undertaken involving public agencies and the public sector. In doing this, a partnership with a good working relationship is formed with local emergency response agencies, such as fire, law enforcement, public works, volunteer agencies, public health, and emergency medical services. These joint events bring about an awareness of each other's capabilities and limitations.

Under State and Federal law, each county is required to set up an Emergency Management organization that will best serve the entire jurisdiction. (NDCC 37-17.1-07; Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950) NDACo http://www.ndaco.orgFor more information, you can visit ND Emergency Management Association at www.ndema.org.


October 29 - November 2nd is Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Resolution link here: https://www.nd.gov/des/uploads/resources/1129/severe-winter-weather-awareness-week.pdf
more information https://www.nd.gov/des/get/severe-winter-weather/