Clerk of Court-Official Website of McIntosh County, ND

Clerk of Court

     Phone: 288-5147
         Fax: 701-288-3671
     Mailing Address P.O. Box 179
     Office Hours 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
    Carol Fey, Clerk (right)
    Mary Rohrich, Deputy(left)
District courts are the key elements in the judicial system established in 1995. With the elimination of county courts, district courts became responsible for the workload and positions of the county courts. The Clerks of Court Association was formed in 1952 as the N.D. County Judges Association. Later, a separate organization was formed for clerks of district, county, municipal and Supreme courts. 

The clerk of district court works with legal records. It is an important job because maintaining accurate, updated and accessible records helps bring efficient delivery of judicial services.

Clerks of district court must summon jurors, maintain exhibits and attend court when it is in session. But their primary responsibility is administration of court records.

These records fall into several categories:

  • Civil Actions area proceedings concerning the rights of private individuals. They include divorces, foreclosures, and personal injury/property damage cases.
  • Restricted Action files aren't open to the public. They include formal juvenile proceedings, adoptions and maternity suits.
  • Criminal Actions, or felonies, are handled in district court. These serious crimes include murder, gross sexual imposition and burglary.
  • Child Support: Because of the number of divorces and a growing number of state and federal laws, the number of child support cases has expanded faster than other court responsibilities.
  • Passports: Clerks of district court are designated agents for U.S.A. passports.  (NDACo)



  • Marriage Licenses 

    • Fee is $65.00. 

    • If you are divorced you must also provide a CERTIFIED Copy of Divorce Decree. 

    • Must be used within 60 days. 

    • Call for Appointment.